Dear Miss Purdy: An Introduction

Dear Miss Purdy,

We’re sorry for the noise complaint you got. It was meant for our apartment.

Also, hi we’re your neighbors! It’s lovely to meet you. We promise to rehearse our Puccini choruses at school in the future. Over the course of the next few years while we’re finishing our degrees, hopefully you’ll be able to gain an appreciation for the crazy happenstances in our cute little shared home.

We understand that it can be stressful or intimidating living next to four opera singers, but hopefully through these letters you’ll understand what happens in the lives of classical musicians. Please just refer to these letters when you need to know things like…

…why we come in an out of the house at odd hours. It’s probably tech week. Or…

why you hear foreign languages coming from next door. We’re not casting spells, just practicing the usual Italian, Latin, German, French, Czech, Russian…. you get it….

…or why you’ll get random packages of wig caps, clown white face paint, or massive shipments of printing paper sent to your doorstep. It’s ours.

We understand that you’re an elementary school teacher and you need things like sleep… and quiet! Please know that we’ve heard of those things, but we still don’t know what they are.

Here’s to all the adventures! And again, we’re sorry.

Sincerely yours,

the Opera Singers next door

P.S. ~ Check out this great post by Jenna Simeonov from Schmopera!


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