Save your Skin: Tech Week Edition

Dear Miss Purdy,

Have you ever noticed how most makeup-wearing people have a daytime/nighttime makeup routine?

glamorous classic film GIF

I would like to introduce you to the daytime/nighttime/opera-attending/opera-performing/contest-performing/contest-attending/concert-performing/ concert-attending/ sometimes-I-have-to-look-like-a-man makeup routine.

fabulous disney GIF

Here are some tips to keep your skin from retaliating against you in the midst of all things Tech. If you’ve ever, ever set a character shoe clad foot on the stage and stared into stage lights, then you’ll know of the one man who always has your back.



Ben Nye is the quintessential stage makeup brand. According to an article celebrating the Ben Nye company’s 50th anniversary by Michael Eddy, Ben Nye Sr. was a makeup artist who worked over 500 films in Hollywood and recognized that diversity was lacking in makeup so “he started to make his own makeup for people of color, filling a niche that he felt was not being served for these actors.” The company is currently run by his youngest son, Dana. (But honestly, the starter kits for students is amazing for any high school/college performer.)

Here’s some skincare for you after the night is done.





Rose water is FANTASTIC for soothing your skin, especially if you’ve spent at least twenty minutes scrubbing your face with a baby wipe getting stage makeup off. (What can I say, the wipes work!) After you use a cleanser, soak a cotton pad with this tonic and gently sweep the pad across your entire face before applying a moisturizer.

Click here to purchase the Rose Tonic for $15.00.


If you’d like something that’s already for you to use, these Glow Tonic pads are excellent for after you’ve washed your face. They use Glycolic acid to lightly exfoliate the skin and Aloe which is frequently used in skincare to sooth the skin. These pads are great if you’ve had a long show or tech run and need something quick so you can get a (sort of) full night’s sleep!

Click here to purchase the Glow Tonic To-Go pads for $18.00.



Click here to learn more about the Glossier Solution, available for $24. (They’re expecting to receive more by May!)


Click here to learn more about the Glossier Super Pack, available for $65.

Click here to learn more about Super Pure, available for $28.


In this day and age, Neutrogena is one of the most recognizable household names in your bathroom cabinet. Originally called “Natone”, the company was started in 1930 by Emmanuel Stolaroff and supplied products to the film industry before branching into retail.


For those of us wickedly cursed with sensitive skin, wearing a thick coat of stage makeup night after night (paired with the late night runs to McDonald’s) can result in your skin being rather unhappy with you. After you’ve finished the archeological dig through foundation to find your face again, wash your face and finish with this grapefruit-scented moisturizer, which uses salicylic acid to help fight off the choices of the day.

Click here to purchase the Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer for $9.49


Take some time for yourself during tech week! Get some scrubs and soak in the bath for a while! Plus, the bottle is HUGE! This line of shower gels is so fragrant and light weight on the skin. They’re a great way to wash away the stress of a five hour tech rehearsal and focus on being whisked away to some tropical island.

Click here to purchase the Rainbath® Fresh Plum Shower and Bath Gel for $7.49.

Bobbi Brown


Click here to purchase the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil for $46.



Click here to purchase the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream for $60. 

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