Singer of the Week: Bryan Hymel

Dear Miss Purdy,

We are in the midst of what feels like HELL ON EARTH…

… also known as tech week.

That being said, there’s so much stress on our bodies and minds right now and we deserve some decompression. It’s time to relax by reminding ourselves of the greats and enjoying what the hard work brings to the world AND inspire you to make it to the weekend!

Bryan Hymel

First of all, LOOK AT THIS MAN.

He is already serving so many looks. You can’t help but already love him. Bryan Hymel is an American tenor who studied at AVA in Philadelphia and was a participant in the Merola program . For young singers looking for great education, I would encourage them to take a look at these programs and look up to this man for the education he has had.


Here’s an excerpt of Hymel performing Arnold’s aria “Amis, amis, secondez ma vengeance” from Rossini’s Guillaume Tell. According to Hymel’s website, “the new production, staged by Pierre Audi and led by Fabio Luisi, marks the first staging of Guillaume Tell at the Met in over 80 years”. Rossini as we know was an Italian opera composer. However, during the end of the 18th century, French opera fanatics were very interested in the opera-comique style (opera with spoken dialogue such as Carmen) and flocked to the Italian theatres to see their form of opera buffa (smaller, comedic operas historically played between acts of opera seria). Opera Buffa had grown into a fully developed genre by the Romantic period and composers such as Rossini were thriving. In 1823, the Théâtre-Italien got Rossini to become the manager of their opera house. At only 37 years old, Guillaume Tell ended up being the last opera Rossini ever composed.


So sit back and have a listen. Take a look at his website here to learn more about Bryan Hymel. And if the pizza delivery guy accidentally comes to your apartment again for the third time this week, just send him over to us next door.


the (stressed-while-binge-watching-the-Office) Opera Singers Next Door


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